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Top 6 Best Browsers For Firestick – Installation Guide and Links 2023

When I first purchased my Firestick, I’m still reminiscing how difficult it was to navigate the web browser. By default, Amazon does not offer any web browser that can be installed on firestick, which is why it was difficult for me to pick an appropriate and reliable browser for Firestick.

So, I put some internet browsers onto my Firestick and began using them. You will be amazed; however, I’ve tested and installed ten web browsers on my Firestick in one year to determine the most effective.

Firestick browsers are incredibly crucial because firestick isn’t just limited to streaming video through apps. Many other activities can be performed with firesticks, such as surfing the web and playing games online or visiting streaming websites online. All of these require a reliable web browser.

After a year of using various browsers, I’ve compiled a list of the top browsers for firesticks or TV that you must consider. Below, I’ve listed the available list please go on read – 

Best Browsers for Firestick

Best Browsers for Firestick

1. Amazon Silk

1. Amazon Silk (Best Browsers for Firestick If you Do online Streaming)

Amazon Silk is created by Amazon and allows you to stream movies and surf the internet via Amazon Silk, an Amazon Fire TV gadget. Silk can be used with the Fire TV remote. However, it is also compatible with Alexa.

The browser is simple for navigation and allows you to create bookmarks and remember your passwords. It can also render mobile and desktop sites.

You can disable websites through the parental control feature.

Noteworthy Amazon Silk features:

  • Works together with Alexa
  • Video playback capability from any site
  • Can save your passwords for quick login
  • Bookmark feature
  • Parental control

Get Amazon Silk

2. Downloader 

2. Downloader (Essential Browser for jailbroken Firestick)

Downloader is a general application for all Fire TV users. Most users download third-party apps on your firestick, but I’ll tell you that downloader is also a great website browser on your firestick.

In addition to downloading applications, it is also possible to use these apps to browse online. I can guarantee you that it is so efficient. If you go to the homepage of the downloader, you’ll see the box that asks for the URL. If you carefully look at the sidebar, you will see the option to browse, and if you click on it, this will redirect you to the browser, where you can enter the URL of any site you’d like to go to.

If you’re looking to do basic web browsing, I believe Downloader is the perfect application for you, and it’s a multi-talented program. When I first started using Downloader as my browser on my Firestick, I immediately fell in love with its speed and smoothness. I highly recommend you test this application. It’s incredibly compact concerning size and does not need any space. You can also download apps from third parties and surf the web.

Find Downloader

3. Opera 

opera mini

The first browser we’ve included on the list of our favorites is Opera. Opera is accessible on multiple platforms, so it’s not a surprise to find it as an app for Amazon Fire TV.

The Opera browser can block ads straight out of the box so that you can enjoy a completely ad-free experience. Opera can compress videos, which can conserve bandwidth and speed up the loading of videos.

Opera can also allow you to add pages to your home screen quickly and even comes with the ability to send push notifications. Private browsing is also available to browse the history, cache, and data that will not be saved.

The browser has an attractive user interface, and due to its lightweight, it can handle any site without any lags.

The browser also comes with an intelligent news feed that allows users to browse through various stories and channels and save the stories from being able to access for future use.

Opera for Fire TV offers excellent features. If you’re looking for an excellent browser to use with Firestick, Opera is the ideal choice.

Notable Opera features:

  • Sleek user interface
  • Ability to block ads from the box
  • Video compression feature
  • Smart news feeds
  • Zooming ability on any page

4. Firefox for Fire TV (No longer working)

4. Firefox for Fire TV (Best Browsers for Amazon Firestick)

Firefox has been on the market for quite a while, but it’s now available and runs on Fire TV. The Fire TV version will provide you with the top videos on the internet, neatly categorizing them on your screen at home.

The browser works seamlessly with YouTube, Pocket, Rotten Tomatoes, and Flickr. It also lets you bookmark your preferred websites for easy access.

Not available Firefox with Fire TV features:

  • The ability to search the internet via your Fire TV
  • Beautifully organized videos on your TV
  • It works with various services, including YouTube, Pocket, Flickr, and Rotten Tomatoes
  • Ability to save your favorite sites for the homepage screen to ensure quick access

5. RM Web Browser 

5. RM Web Browser (Best Browsers for Amazon Fire TV Stick)

RM Web Browser is explicitly built for Kindle Fire and Android devices. According to the creator, it has specific characteristics that other browsers can’t.

With this browser, you’ll find local news, weather, and more information from the beginning screen. A bookmark function is accessible and lets you quickly add or remove favorite pages from the screen at the start.

Notable RM Web Browser features:

  • You can view helpful information on the screen that you are starting from
  • Bookmark manager

= Get RM Web Browser

6. Glance Browser

6. Glance Browser (Best Web Browser for Firestick)

Glance The browser runs using the WebView engine, the same web engine behind Google Chrome. This browser has excellent performance and an easy-to-use interface concerning speeds.

It is important to note that the browser doesn’t have ads and also includes a search widget within the notification drawer, permitting you to conduct searches swiftly.

Glance Browser is an excellent option for Amazon Silk, and if you’ve never tried it now, it could be the ideal time to try it.

Notable Glance Browser has features:

  • Based on the WebView engine, precisely like Chrome
  • Ad-free
  • Fast
  • Simple user interface
  • Search widget within the notification drawer

How to Install these Best Web Browser on Your Firestick

Here are some steps to install a web browser on firestick. Suppose we want to install Downloader on Firestick.

Follow these steps to install the Downloader. You can install any of these browsers by following this process:

Step 1: Launch the Firestick Home.

Step 2: Choose the Settings icon from the right side of the menu.

firestick settings

Step 3: Now, Hit to the My Fire TV.

my fire tv

Step 4: Select the Developer Options on this window.

developer options

Step 5: In this window, click on the Apps from Unknown Sources option.

Step 6: Click Turn On

Step 7: Now, go back to the home window, click on the Find option from the menu, and go to the search option.

find and search

Step 9: Type the Downloader app name and choose it from the suggestion below.

downloader app

Step 10: choose the Downloader app from the apps and games.

Step 11: Click on Get or Download. Now, it will install, So wait for a few seconds.

Step 13: Click on Open to launch the Downloader app on firestick.

You can also download and install other web browsers from firestick. Just enter the browser’s name on the search bar and find it as per your taste. 

Now article end, Hopefull you enjoy the article and you found the best browser for firestick, If you have any suggestion or any apps which you think to be added above please contact us. 

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