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50 Best Firestick Apps For Free Movies, Shows, Live TV, Sports June 2023

Amazon is changing the face of entertainment with its revolutionary FireTV Stick. With this Fire TV Stick, you can access traditional TV channels and other entertainment options beyond cable, Check out if you have jailbroken your firestick, then you should read this guide here.

In addition to streaming Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and other services, you can use other top FireStick applications to stream the content you like. There are a variety of FireStick apps that perform almost any function you require.

However, the truth is that you don’t need numerous FireStick applications for your device. Although many apps come with unique features, some apps are just for show or don’t provide distinctive advantages. This is why I’ve created the best FireStick apps you can sideload or install on Fire TV / Stick.

Best Firestick Apps

Best Firestick Apps for movies, Shows, Live TV, Sports

Here are some Best apps for firestick:

1. Downloader

downloader app

A downloader is a software for downloading files. It is an application that allows you to sideload apps on the Fire TV device.

Because many apps aren’t available on Amazon’s Amazon App Store, a Downloader is required to install these apps. Applications like Kodi, Cinema, and numerous others require the downloader to be installed.

Downloader is as simple as downloading the app and entering an URL to the site you wish to download or load.

Once this app is installed, the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick transforms into a robust streaming device. If you’re looking to utilize the capabilities of this Fire TV device fully, this is an essential app.

Download and install the application for free from Amazon App Store by searching for “Downloader.”


  • Unlimited Downloading Capabilities
  • Simple Search function
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Ad-Free

How to install the Download App and any other app on Firestick with the Downloader app.

2. Kodi (Free Best App)


Kodi Media Center software is open source for download on almost all devices. It works with Fire TV and FireStick, and it is entirely free.

With Kodi, you’ll be capable of installing various apps or add-ons to your system that store information for you to view. 

Kodi can’t be downloaded from Amazon’s App store. Amazon App Store It must be downloaded on Your Fire TV device. Once installed, the possibilities with this program are endless.

Many users use Kodi to store their media files like videos, photos, and home films.

We can achieve a lot more using Kodi to offer us buffer-free streams.


  • Third-party add-ons
  • Ad-free content
  • Real-Debrid
  • Trakt

How to Install Kodi on Firestick & Fire TV

3. Unlinked 


Unlinked is a unique app installer that makes thousands of streaming apps and many more easily accessible in just two clicks.

Users have access to various libraries with various applications, including those mentioned in this article.

They are also known in the form of “Codes” that you must add to locate the user stores, which have applications for movies, shows, Gaming, Live Streaming, and many more.


  • Hundreds of Libraries
  • Simple Code Input
  • One-Click Installation
  • Ad-Free

4. Stremio (Free)


There are many reasons why people love to make use of Stremio. First, the Stremio developers regularly publish updates, tutorials, and other documents via their website.

The second is that it allows users to keep track of their favorite television shows, films, and online video clips by saving them to their library.

Additionally, the app offers fascinating recommendation features that align with the user’s preferences and most of the most recently watched films and shows.

Like Kodi, Stremio users can install various third-party add-ons that provide users with content that you can view.

This includes Documentaries, TV shows, and more—all using the highest quality streaming services accessible.

Stremio is a fantastic firestick app that’s sure to offer you the variety of content options you’re seeking and more.


  • Third-party add-ons
  • Streaming torrents
  • Different categories
  • Anonymous Log-In

5. Tubi TV

tubi tv

Tubi TV Tubi TV is a well-liked application for Firestick and TV users. It’s accessible through both Amazon App Store and the Google Play Store.

Although Tubi TV provides an extensive library of content for Free Movies and TV Shows, it must not be forgotten that advertisements are displayed throughout the application.

Alongside Firestick and Fire TV devices Tubi app is also available for Firestick devices. Tubi app is also accessible to install to NVIDIA Shield, Android TV box, Roku, iPhone, TiVo Stream 4K, computers tablets, and a Kodi accessory.

If you wish to use this platform on other devices, go to the Tubi Official Website in your browser and connect to this platform.

Not just Tubi Tubi offers the ability to access movies and TV shows, but also live TV channels and Kids’ entertainment.


  • No Registration Required
  • Live TV Options
  • Easy Installation
  • Browser Capabilities

6. Netflix (Paid Movies and TV shows)


Netflix is, without doubt, the most well-known streaming application currently available.

The company’s customer base spans the globe, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

With original programming and a vast collection of content, there are plenty of streaming choices.

Users can download Netflix directly using a Firestick app or Netflix Kodi Addon. Netflix Kodi Addon on any device they want.

Anyone who wants to stream geo-restricted content can connect to the VPN and utilize the Netflix Secret Code to find streaming options that aren’t accessible in their particular region.


  • Content options for 4K
  • Original Programming
  • Ad-Free
  • Downloading Capabilities

7. TeaTV


TeaTV is among the most well-known streaming apps and has been available for quite a long time.

We’ve added TeaTV again to the Best Firestick Apps list since the app was recently upgraded with Version 10.0 and is running great once more!

TeaTV has a great choice of no-cost Movies and TV shows available to stream. We noticed that the application generates several streaming links following our tests.

TeaTV has every one of the “bells and whistles” of an excellent application, just like other apps listed. It also integrates MX Player, Real-Debrid, Trakt Subtitles, Adding to Favorites, and downloading content.

The most recent update to TeaTV also comes with choices in Live TV, including the ability to add an M3U URL that makes it a streaming platform that is all-in-one.


  • Continually Updated
  • Real-Debrid
  • Trakt

8. HBO Max (Paid)


HBO Max is the premier streaming service for HBO.

These include HBO original series, hit films, documentaries, exclusive material, Hollywood flicks, etc.

HBO Max claimed at its 2019 press conference that there would be more than 10,000 hours worth of content available once the direct-to-consumer video service launches. This service will appeal to all ages.

HBO Max is currently available at $14.99/month. You can also opt for an ad-supported package for $9.99/month.


  • HBO Original Programming
  • There are two subscription options
  • Downloading capabilities
  • Five simultaneous connections

9. Crackle (Free)


Crackle was initially known as Grouper. It has since become one of the most loved streaming media after Sony’s acquisition in 2006.

The app, which is free and supported by ads, regularly displays updated programming direct from the Firestick.

Apart from blockbuster films produced by Sony Pictures and its subsidiaries, there are original Sony TV programs, ranging from drama to miniseries.

However, the downside is that it is not available in all 21 countries or three languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese).

To change your geo-location, if you are not in one of the countries it currently serves, you can use IPVanish.


  • There are tons of categories
  • High Definition Content
  • Unlimited streaming connections
  • Sign up is not required

10. Vudu (Paid)


Vudu is a well-known web-based video on demand (VOD) streaming application that gives users access to hundreds of no-cost Movies and TV shows.

Instead of paying the monthly cost, Vudu users can pay for their TV or Movies by the individual, which you can purchase or rent.

You can download plenty of absolutely free Vudu content using the Streaming App or the Vudu Official Site.

People who wish to download content and stream it while on the move can do this by purchasing the Vudu Movie or TV Show.

The Vudu content library is streamed to a variety of devices. Vudu is compatible with Firestick/Fire TV, iPhone, Android TV Box, Roku, Apple TV, PS4, Xbox One, and various other devices.


  • Free & Paid Options
  • 4K content available
  • Downloading Capabilities
  • User-Friendly Interface

11. Peacock TV (Free and Paid)


Peacock TV, NBC’s new streaming platform, was released recently to US customers on July 15, 2020.

This service offers NBC original programming, movies, TV shows, and live channels.

It is also home to WWE, the most well-known sporting event in the world.

Peacock quickly becomes the source of NBC content, including NFL Football and soccer, Dateline, and many other topics.

Peacock currently offers three subscription plans. These include:

  • No cost
  • Peacock Premium
  • Peacock Premium Plus

Peacock Premium costs $4.99/month, while Peacock Premium Plus costs $9.99/month. You can also get a 7-day free trial.

This service can also be installed as an app on multiple devices, including Firestick/Fire TV and Android.


  • You have the option of a free or a paid subscription
  • Live Broadcasts of Sports
  • Exclusive content
  • Six simultaneous connections

12. Disney Plus (Paid Firestick Apps)

disney plus

Disney Plus is one of the most popular streaming services today, and it hosts Disney content and many other entertainments.

To stream movies and TV shows, users can download the Disney Plus app to their phones. This includes the best of Disney and Pixar and Marvel, Star Wars and Star Wars.

Disney Plus is a paid app for firesticks that costs $7.99 per month or $79.99 for an annual package.

You will find lots of high-definition content, and you can host virtual movie nights using the GroupWatch feature.

Disney Plus can be installed on Roku, Android Box, TiVo Stream 4K phones, tablets, Apple TV, and Xbox One.


  • There are tons of original programming
  • Downloading capabilities
  • 4K content options
  • Four simultaneous connections

13. Discovery Plus (Paid)

discovery plus

Discovery’s brand new streaming service Discovery+ is now available to install on Firestick/Fire TV and Android Devices.

It is packed with programs, including television Shows from a variety of networks.

It comprises HGTV, Food Network, A&E, History, Lifetime, Cooking Channel, etc.

Customers have two options for buying, $4.99/month without ads or $6.99/month with ads.

Discovery+ channels are one of the latest features on this platform that will increase your benefit from purchasing a subscription.

Live streaming of Discovery shows, plus more in Discovery Plus, the Discovery Plus App for Firestick, Fire TV, or any other device.


  • Two subscription options
  • Original Programming
  • Free Trial is available
  • 24/7 content choices

14. Bee TV (Free)

bee tv

Another new app and incredibly compatible with Amazon devices can be found in Bee TV. It is a library of TV shows and movies and displays their high definition, including 1080p HD.

BeeTV’s creators BeeTV keep improving and updating BeeTV to keep it running at its peak.

There are many categories to pick from, including genres like comedy-drama, comedy, and many more.

Bee includes Real-Debrid as well as Trakt. Tv integration and the option of using the external player for Video. MX Player can be used with great success on Bee TV if you want to use this feature.

The app was chosen due to its stunning user interface and wealth of information.


  • Real-Debrid/Trakt Integration
  • External Video Players
  • Numerous Category Options
  • The Interface is user-friendly

15. Syncler (Free)


Syncler is a copy of the popular TVZion App, removed in September 2020.

Users will be able to see how the Syncler App includes several of the functions as TVZion, such as user interface as well as navigation and navigation.

The app functions similarly to Kodi and Stremio in that you need to install external providers to be able to access the content.

It is highly time-consuming, but it will allow you to discover many streaming sites with various genres, categories, and choices.


  • Provider Package Installation
  • Buffer-free Streaming
  • Real-Debrid Integration
  • HD content

16. Nova TV (Free)

nova tv


  • Integration of Real-Debrid
  • Trakt Integration
  • Auto-Play capabilities
  • The Interface is user-friendly

Nova TV, a Firestick app that is newer to the scene, offers thousands of high-quality Movies and TV Shows. It’s also another fork from Terrarium TV.

This app is handy when integrating MX players as their default media player. This app is also easy to integrate Trakt and Real-Debrid within Nova TV.

The Interface is easy to use and works great on Firestick devices and many streaming devices.

Nova is well-known for providing high-definition streaming links quickly and efficiently.

Nova TV is a must-try because of its streaming quality and ease of integrating other features.

17. XUMO



  • Get Live Channels for Free
  • International streaming capabilities
  • Buffer-free streaming
  • Sign up is not required

Xumo, a popular streaming service for free, is considered an “all-in” application.

Xumo not only offers free VOD content but also tons of live channels.

Many TV Shows and Movies are available on Xumo for free. Just a click away!

Xumo is most well-known for its live TV channels, ranging from NBCNow and Bloomberg Television to all things in between.

Xumo currently offers over 800 channels covering entertainment, news, sports, family, and news.

18. Morpheus TV (Free)



  • Simple user interface
  • Many Category Options
  • Real-Debrid Integration
  • Trakt Integration

Morpheus TV, once a popular streaming app, has been reintroduced! After being offline for several years, this streaming app is back!

Morpheus TV’s latest version has an excellent interface and integrates with Trakt and Real-Debrid users.

Morpheus’s simple Interface is loved by many. Morpheus TV’s main screen only offers four content options.

Settings allow you to personalize the app to suit your needs.

19. Paramount Plus (Paid)

paramount plus


  • There are two subscription options
  • Buffer-free streaming
  • You can also watch live content
  • Three simultaneous connections

Paramount Plus is Paramount’s streaming service, which hosts original programming and other features.

This platform is a rebranded version of Viacom’s CBS All Access app.

You will find content from many networks, including Nickelodeon and MTV.

Subscription plans include a $5.00/month “Essential” Tier that contains ads or a $10.00/month option for an ad-free premium “Premium.”

Premium subscribers can download content for offline viewing or use on the move.

Live streaming is also available on Paramount Plus, which streams only sporting events.

20. Viva TV (Free)



  • High Definition streaming
  • Real-Debrid Integration
  • Trakt Integration
  • Subtitles available

Viva, a Firestick app, is gaining popularity. It works flawlessly with tons of HD links, including 1080p or 4k.

Both Real-Debrid, Trakt, external player integrations, subtitling, favorites, and many other features are available.

Viva offers many categories, including tons of popular genre options.

The app can be personalized with all feature options, making it a streaming powerhouse for any device, including Firestick or Fire TV.

Viva TV is the best choice for high-definition streaming movies and TV shows.

21. Plex Media Server (Free)



  • Plex Cient Apps available
  • Watch Movies/Shows Free of Charge
  • Capabilities of the Home Server
  • Live Channels

It may seem simple to stream your media to a bigger screen. The question is: Which app is the best? Plex, a user-friendly application that allows remote access and sharing, is excellent.

The app can play almost any video file, such as WMV or MOV, and play music in MP3, M4A, or ALAC formats. If PLEX recognizes the music, it will display the lyrics as it plays.

Thanks to Plex’s ability to synchronize your media libraries across multiple devices, with its enhanced remote access, streaming from any source is now easier. Plex tracks the files that you have locally.

Please refer to our Torrenting guide for more information on torrenting and home media servers.

Plex is free and covers basic features like media organization, casting, and support for various media formats.

Plex also offers a live streaming section to watch over 80 channels.

22. Popcornflix (Free Movie App)



  • Sign up is not required
  • Buffer-free streaming
  • High Definition Content
  • There are many categories to choose from

Popcornflix, a streaming service that offers free movies and TV shows, works perfectly on Firestick/Fire TV.

The streaming app has thousands of titles from many genres.

You can stream tons of content in the app, and it does so without buffering. The Interface is simple.

Users will occasionally encounter ads to keep the app free, but they are often minimal.

Popcornflix can also be accessed via Roku, iPhone, and Apple TV. Popcornflix can also be accessed via any browser on the Official Popcornflix website.

23. Shudder TV (Paid)

shudder tv


  • No-obligation Trial
  • Huge collection of content
  • Buffer-free streaming
  • Original programming

Shudder TV, a streaming service that is newer and owned by AMC, can be accessed via the AMC website.

Pp is for horror/thriller fans and provides only content related to this genre.

This streaming platform has gained more than one million subscribers since its launch in 2016.

You will need to subscribe to the service, but you can get a free 7-day trial to test it before purchasing.

A Shudder TV subscription costs $4.75/month and provides unlimited streaming access.

24. Crunchyroll (Free and Paid)



  • 3 Premium Subscription Options
  • Get a free trial
  • Downloading capabilities
  • Buffer-free streaming

Crunchyroll has a vast selection of Anime shows for kids and adults. All of these licensed shows will delight any Anime lover.

This app has almost 30,000 episodes of classic and new Anime programs, including the latest TV broadcasts from Japan. It will satisfy anyone’s craving for all things Anime.

Crunchyroll claims to be the “World’s Largest Anime Library,” with games, shows, and more.

Crunchyroll Premium accounts can be purchased starting at $7.99 per month.

However, for those who wish to try Crunchyroll Premium, there’s a 14-day free trial.

25. fuboTV (Paid)

fubo tv

fuboTV is a live streaming service that’s an ideal alternative to cable. Viewers can stream the latest news, sports, sitcoms, and other channels with a low-cost subscription service.

The fuboTV channel offers hundreds of channels for entertainment, news, sports, and many more channels. It also has a fantastic cloud DVR feature that comes with any subscription.

One of the most significant features that fuboTV has is the seven-day free trial that other live TV providers don’t provide.


  • 2 Connections
  • 100+ Channels
  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • Packages start at $69.99

26. YouTube (Free and Paid )


YouTube is a streaming video tool that’s the most well-known available to users today.

The app has hundreds of movies to pick from, which you can stream from any location!

We’ve put together a guide on installing YouTube onto Your Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Cube.

27. Philo (Paid)

  • Affordable Live Streaming Service
  • More than 60 channels
  • 3 Multiple simultaneous connections
  • Free streaming that doesn’t buffer

Philo is among the top live TV apps that have gained popularity for those who love entertainment and family-friendly content.

The Philo app provides more than 60 live television channels for a monthly fee of $25. It’s not much more than other streaming services.

The channels list includes AMC, Hallmark, Discovery, HGTV, etc.

This is ideal for those trying to find an IPTV solution that’s cost-effective and doesn’t provide a lot of channel choices.

The majority of us need just a handful of high-quality live tv channels!

Philo can be downloaded across any streamer device, such as the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Roku, Android devices, and many other devices.

28. Sling TV (Paid)

sling tv


  • 3 Subscription Options
  • Up to 3 Connections
  • Local Channels
  • Affordable Pricing

While many live TV streaming services provide limited sports channels with a library of cable TV channels, Sling TV has several options for sports enthusiasts.

Then there’s ESPN, ESPN2, Tennis Channel, Fox Sports, NFL Network, etc.

Sling offers three package subscriptions that you can choose from and then separates the three packages based on your personal preferences for entertainment.

Sling is a more affordable live TV service than the other IPTV Services, with plans starting at just $35/month.

29. Pluto 



  • Free Live Content
  • Unlimited Connections
  • Buffer-Free Streaming
  • VOD Content available

Another excellent way to stream live TV is to use Pluto TV, which offers over 1000 live TV channels (as of the time of writing), including everything from the car races to the poker tour and science documentaries, including Gordon Ramsay.

There’s something for everyone in the family. The best part is that no sign-up subscription is needed.

The app has been improved significantly regarding its curate programming, channel line-up, and resolution since it launched in 2014. With Viacom’s acquisition in March of 2019 and the app’s continued growth, it is continuing to grow and add new users, which makes it the top streaming TV app for free within the United States.

While Pluto TV is still popular among Android smartphone users, it’s also highly recommended as a replacement for FireStick or Fire TV.

Users can also use Pluto from any web browser through the official Pluto website.

Film and TV show lovers will also appreciate the extensive selection of content on-demand that includes a variety of categories available to select from.

30. VUit (Free)


If you’re a cord-cutter, you are probably aware of the challenges in streaming news from your local area.

But it is worth noting that the VUit app has over 200 local news channels that live stream.

Local options are available in many markets, such as New York, Boston, California, North Carolina, Illinois, Indiana, etc.

VUit also offers original programming, including documentaries, sports programming, and ESports for gamers.

It is an excellent experience on Firestick; however, it is also accessible in all browsers.

31. Amazon News App


Amazon News App Amazon News App is Amazon’s portal to live local news straight onto your Firestick.

Live news can be gotten from over 80 markets across the US.

The app is built right into Firestick and Fire TV devices and is accessible via the menu bar.

Many options, including national networks like ABC News, CBS News, FOX News, etc.

With an easy-to-use guide with various options accessible, The amazon news App is a fantastic firestick application that does not require installation!

32. BBC iPlayer 

bbc iplayer

BBC iPlayer is one of the most popular streaming options within the UK.

It’s got a massive collection of live streaming and VOD movies and TV Shows.

Although it is most frequently utilized in other countries, numerous Americans and people from different countries continue to use this app for diverse media.

33. ESPN Plus (Paid)

espn plus

ESPN Plus is one of the most well-known sports apps that offers a wide range of games and leagues.

ESPN Plus is perfect for people who want to stream the most recent Boxing, MMA, and UFC fights on PPV.

In addition to the live sports coverage, there are many VOD options on ESPN Plus.

It also includes original programs like 30 for 30 and many more popular with sports enthusiasts.

ESPN Plus is currently priced at $7 per month or $70/year and gives you the ability to stream UFC Fight Nights and much more for free.

34. DAZN (Paid)


DAZN is an outstanding streaming service geared toward people who love sports from all over the world.

The DAZN app is geared toward those who want to stream the latest Boxing, MMA, and UFC fights.

Users also have access to Boxing replays and various documentaries, and more.

The subscription for DAZN is currently $19.99/month and $149.99/year, which includes all of the PPV events the service offers.

The app is accessible in the US and the UK However, users from all over the world can access it through the help of a VPN.

35. CBS Sports (Free)

cbs sports app

CBS Sports is a popular platform for fans of sports across the nation.

The CBS Sports App includes highlights, recaps, live streams, highlights, and updates covering the latest happenings on sports news.

The channel offers extensive coverage of all sports events and even the live coverage of Video. CBS Sports is a one-stop source for all things sports-related.

Users can download and utilize this CBS Sports App free for a limited time.

The app works well on its Firestick/Fire TV, but you can also log on to CBS Sports on a browser to stream live sports programming.

36. FOX Sports (Free and Paid)

fox sports

FOX Sports is one of the most well-known sports channels in the US in the field of all things sports.

The FOX Sports App offers live streams of talk shows, highlights, talk shows, and news within the realm of sports.

It is also current with live scores and in-game videos for a unique streaming experience.

If you are a member of fubo or any other Live TV Provider, you have access to FOX Sports.

FOX Sports features live events for baseball, soccer NASCAR, college events, etc.

The app is excellent for Firestick/Fire TV. Firestick/Fire TV, but you can also access FOX Sports through a web browser or other devices.

37. Twitch (Free Music App)


When Amazon decided to join the streaming live video industry, it was destined to dominate the market by purchasing Twitch. Twitch is a no-cost platform for video gaming fans who belong to an international group of streamers.

What makes Twitch different is its chat area for every stream, letting users post their live chat.

In addition to being an eSports tournament platform, many users also use the application as a platform for tutorial videos streaming personal gaming online and gameplay demonstrations, and even creating gaming-related talk shows and commentary.

If you’re looking to add more features, you can become an account holder of Twitch Prime, get no-cost games and bonuses in-game, and access TV and movie shows on Amazon Prime Video. Additionally, it comes with no advertisements.

38. Spotify (Free and Paid)


Get access to an array of music and podcasts on Spotify. The Swedish-based music streaming platform is essential for music lovers looking to turn the sound of their Fire TV into the ultimate sound system.

Once installed, you can connect your mobile device with Your Fire TV and let the music be the sole driver.

You can make an individual library of your choice or follow others’ playlists and browse for upcoming new releases and concerts.

Many independent artists have gained fame due to being discovered by their fans via Spotify.

Spotify Premium subscribers can listen to ad-free streaming, premium music at 320 Kbps, and downloading up to 10,000 songs to listen offline.

39. The Happy Chick (Free Games App)

the happy chick

Happy Chick is a game emulator used on various devices, including Amazon Firestick. Amazon Firestick. Emulator choices comprise PSP, NES, PS, and many more.

One of the most impressive advantages of Happy Chick is the ability to make use of it with your Android phone as a remote control by syncing it with the Firestick device. Gaming remotes can also be compatible with Happy Chick, making it an all-inclusive application.

Happy Chick is compatible with other devices, including iPhone and iPad. It’s optimally on Amazon Firestick.

40. Antstream (Free)


Antstream is a fantastic gaming app that operates differently from other game applications on Firestick.

Instead of downloading the game, gamers will stream the game. This can help reduce the space on your device.

Antstream has a variety of games that can only be played with the Firestick Remote.

41. FileSynced (Free)


FileSynced is the newest and high-quality clone of the popular FileLinked.

The creators of FileSynced have re-created FileLinked’s method of allowing users to create their personal “codes” inside the application.

This app has earned praise for its user-friendly Interface with features, navigation, etc.

42. MX Player (Free)

mx player

MX Player can be described as an outside video player installed on various Amazon FireStick, FireStick, and Fire TV devices.

Many streaming applications allow you to use MX Player as their video player. This is highly advised.

When you install and use MX Player, it can improve your streaming experience significantly. Many users find that using MX Player with your preferred app is a fantastic method to cut down or remove buffering. It is available for installation within Cinema HD and other apps.

43. VLC Media Player (Free)

vlc media player

VLC Player is one of the most well-known video players, which works with numerous streaming devices, including PCs, tablets, and many more.

Like MX Player, VLC Media Player integrates seamlessly with streaming apps such as Cinema HD and others.

Installing and using VLC Media Player will enhance the quality of your streaming experience and help decrease buffering.

44. ES File Explorer (Free Utility Firestick Apps)

ex file explorer

Notice: ES File Explorer has begun charging for their application

Another program used for sideloading or installing programs includes ES File Explorer.

ES File Explorer is the most well-known file manager for today’s Android devices. The installation of ES File Explorer on your FireStick is a fantastic method to install, remove the device’s applications, and many more.

You can not only install apps using this program but also, users can clean out the space on their devices and do much more.

45. Wolf Launcher (Free)

wolf launcher

The Wolf Launcher is a customized launcher that can alter your default interface for Amazon’s users on their Fire TV devices.

Wolf Launcher is quickly becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the Fire TV’s default Fire TV interface.

If you’re not in love with the brand new Fire TV interface, using a custom-designed alternative launcher like this is among the options discussed in our blocking ads in the Firestick tutorial.

The app is also available to install in Fire TVs, Fire TV Cube, NVIDIA Shield, Android Boxes, etc.

46. Silk Browser (Free Browsers)

silk browser

Amazon Silk Browser Amazon Silk Browser is explicitly built for Amazon devices, including Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cubes, Fire HD tablets, Echo Dots, etc.

Installing Amazon Silk Browser Amazon Silk Browser, you can browse the same websites from the Firestick/Fire TV just as you do on a tablet, PC, or mobile device.

These websites comprise streaming sites for free movies, Gaming, Anime Sites, Social media, online shopping, and many more.

To get the most efficient navigation experience on your browser, you might consider checking out alternatives to the Firestick Remote or an app such as Mouse Toggle.

47. Mouse Toggle (Free)

mouse toggle

Many of the applications listed here require sideloading to be installed. These apps do not always work with FireStick or Fire TV devices. The ability to sideload many apps runs well on Fire TV and Fire Stick.

However, indeed, not all features of the apps work flawlessly. Certain require a mouse to enable effective navigation. This isn’t included in the initial Fire TV remote. However, there is good news that there is an APK you can install known as Mouse Toggle that allows users to control their mouse using their remote.

48. Puffin TV Web Browser (Free)

puffin tv

Puffin TV is an excellent web browser for users on the Firestick, Fire TV, and Fire TV Cubes.

While many popular browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Silk, and others, Puffin TV has a unique interface and a fast rendering speed that distinguish it from other browsers.

Puffin TV can be described as a no-cost web browser compatible with its Android TV operating system. Puffin TV checks many aspects of being a reliable browser if you watch videos, listen to music, or simply surf the internet.

If, as mentioned earlier, you’re using a browser to do internet browsing, you’ll likely benefit from purchasing a wireless keyboard for typing.

49. Airscreen (Free Mirror Apps)


If you want to use their Firestick or TV to do something other than streaming purposes, then Airscreen will be the perfect solution.

Airscreen allows iOS users to easily connect their devices to the firestick using the screen mirroring tool available on their iPhones and iPad.

This app runs not only on iOS devices but also on Android, PC, and other platforms. Airscreen users can cast content directly from their phone or tablet onto their television by pressing one button.

50. Vysor (Free)


Vysor is an excellent app for people who want to control their Fire TV device via remote access.

Utilizing a tool such as Vysor can allow you to control your Firestick/Fire TV, Android TV Box smartphone, tablet, or phone anywhere connected to the internet.

This is the perfect way to offer assistance with technology to family members and family members. You can even create your own Firestick/Android TV box remote tech support service!

51. Kiwi Browser (Free)

kiwi browser

It is an excellent browser for the internet. Kiwi Browser is another superb web browser widely used for their Fire TV and Android devices.

Another good option to Puffin TV as well as Silk Browser. Silk Browser.

Although the Kiwi Browser is perfect for video playback and general web surfing, a Mouse Toggle or another remote alternative is suggested for more efficient navigation.

52. EarthCam (Free)


EarthCam is a top-rated service that gives you access to live streams from webcams worldwide!

No matter what it is, Times Square, Florida, Chicago, Budapest, tropical regions, or mountain areas, the app provides live streams worldwide.

Alongside the Firestick/Fire TV, EarthCam is accessible on iOS devices and is accessible to use with any web browser.

Last words

So this is a list of the best firestick apps. I hope you have found the best and working firestick apps. These firestick apps are legal, but content may not be permitted. So you must use the Best VPN on Firestick.

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