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30+ Best FireStick Channels (Free & Paid) in 2023


The Fire TV Stick is a smart streaming device for many reasons. But the most searched question is what channels do you get with Firestick? This device gives you almost limitless entertainment possibilities through various apps and media.

Amazon has partnered with hundreds of TV networks and content providers and gives you access to tons of FireStick channels. You can explore channels for FireStick in many categories, including movies, shows, sports, news, kids, and more. You can install these channels from the Amazon store and unknown sources.

Best FireStick Channels

In addition to this, FireStick also supports a wide range of channels or third-party apps, which can be easily downloaded to your device. Since there are so many Fire TV channels to choose from, it’s easy to get lost. So we’ve picked out some of the best for you to make it easy to select.

Watch the local channel on Firestick.

Best FireStick Channels (Free and Paid)

The best firestick apps/channels are movies, TV shows, documentaries, sports, news, anime, adults, etc.

A) Best Firestick Channels for Movies and TV Shows

Best FireStick Channels

Here are the best firestick channels for shows and movies:

1. Cinema HD APK

This is one of the best on-demand streaming services and a top-rated firestick channel. Cinema HD apk contains thousands of movies and TV shows. It pulls top-quality links from trusted sources on the internet. I also work well with Real Debrid and Trakt. This is undoubtedly one of the best firestick channels.

2. Titanium TV APK

Titanium TV app is also a popular and on-demand streaming platform. It gives big competition to the cinema had apk. It has a massive library of movies, TV shows, and more. You can watch its content for many hours. It can be installed on firestick TV, including all versions like Firestick TV lite, Firestick 4K, Fire TV Cube. It brings the best quality links of video content. You can sign in with your Trakt account, and also it supports Real Debrid.

3. BeeTV APK

It is the other app that provides unlimited entertainment. Using the BeeTV apk, you can watch tons of movies and TV shows for free and new release movies. The app nicely works on firesticks, including firestick lite, firestick 4k, and fire tv cube. beeTV apk is remote compatible and user-friendly. It pulls top-quality links from good servers. It also supports Real Debrid and Rakt. So this is one of the best firestick channels and apps.

4. Sapphire Secure IPTV

IPTV services are top-rated and top quality. There are various IPTV providers, such as Sapphire Secure IPTV., that lets you access multiple satellite channels for less than $5 per month. If you want to access the channel affordably, this is the best way. It supports a firestick TV with smooth navigation.

5. HBO GO (Paid)

This is one of the best platforms to get HBO originals and tons of movies, TV shows, Sports programs, comedies, and documentaries. It comes with HBO Subscription.

6. HBO Now (Paid)

This channel gives you access to everything on HBO and HBO GO. However, there’s an important distinction. It is not required to purchase an HBO TV channel subscription to use HBO Now. It offers its plans for subscriptions (and an unpaid trial too).

7. AMC (Paid )

You can stream the entire range of AMC originals and other AMC copied rights TV programs through this channel. Using your AMC satellite television subscription to sign in to the application and watch all seasons. The best part is that you can view a range of season premieres and various additional channels without having to log in. You also have access to live streams if you’re an AMC Premiere subscriber.

8. ABC (Paid)

FireStick channel, the top cable TV provider in the USA, offers the live stream of ABC episodes and catch-up TV. However, TV live streaming is limited only to specific markets and only to broadcasters that participate. To stream the most recent episodes, you need to sign in to your account using the credentials provided by the TV provider.

9. CBS (Free and in-app purchases)

offers backup episodes as well as live streams from CBS shows. Catch-up episodes are available from the day after they air. Although you can download the application for free, you must pay for in-app purchases to access many featured content.

10. Tubi TV (Free)

The on-demand application offers access to an abundance of movies and TV programs. It includes either videos from the open domain or ones it has the right to use. While you can’t get the latest and most popular television or film content, there’s plenty of content to keep you entertained for a long time.

11. SHOWTIME (Paid)

with the SHOWTIME channel, you can stream SHOWTIME Original TV series, movies, documentaries, sports, etc. It’s an app on-demand without broadcasting live. You can begin by using a trial for free, and If you want to stay, you can sign up for an annual subscription plan. It is not required to have a SHOWTIME Cable Network subscription to use this application. If you do already have a SHOWTIME membership, you’ll want to make use of the SHOWTIME anytime alternatively (which is included in the original subscription and will not cost anything extra)

12. Comedy Central (Paid):

You can access the full range of television shows from Comedy Central with this channel, including South Park, The Daily Show featuring Trevor Noah, Detroiters, and a host of stand-up comedy extras. The application is free to download, but it requires in-app purchases to access the most popular content.

13. Hulu (Paid):

The Hulu (Paid) channel provides access to an enormous collection of movies and shows and the Hulu memorable Originals. You can also subscribe to Live TV streaming for an extra cost. Additionally, you can watch premium channels such as Showtime, HBO, Starz, and Cinemax with an additional monthly charge.

14. Netflix (Paid):

A name that doesn’t need an introduction. Netflix is the largest subscription service streams documentaries, shows, movies, and more. It is a must-have for all movie lovers. Netflix subscription also provides access to a vast selection of Netflix Originals. It’s a must-have FireStick channel for any avid streamer.

15. Starz (Paid):

Starz FireStick channels provide access to Starz’s original network content, films, TV shows, etc. The app allows you to stream and download videos. You can sign in to the FireStick app using a Start Network subscription through your TV provider (except Comcast Xfinity). If you do not have the Starz service, you can use the app for $8.99 each month (there is a seven-day free trial too).

16. FOX Now (Free):

The application streams both on-demand and Live-streamed content. It allows you to access all FOX series and episodes like The Masked Singer, MasterChef 9-1-1, Empire, and many other shows. You can also stream live sports that are broadcast on FOX. FOX networks, such as MLB as well as Football. The channel has some free content. An in-app purchase is necessary to view the full content the track offers.

17. A&E (Free):

With the A&E FireStick channel, you can stream the complete selection of A&E shows and various extras and deleted episodes that have not aired on television. You can stream full episodes of popular shows, such as 60 Days In, Storage Wars, Live PD, etc.

18. Pluto TV (Free):

It’s one of the most popular FireStick channels to use if you search for free content. It has many entirely free Live TV channels and thousands of available on-demand films. You can sign up for Pluto TV without having to sign in. However, if you opt to sign in using the Pluto TV account, you can access your browsing history and preferences across all devices.

19. Hallmark Movies Now (Paid):

If you’re an avid Hallmark lover, you’ll enjoy the FireStick channel. It offers a vast selection of content from Hallmark’s Hallmark library. It includes all Hallmark films, shows, and several Hallmark specials. It also provides a free 7-day trial, should you want to try the app before purchasing the subscription plan.

B)FireStick Channels for Sports

Best FireStick Channels

Here are the best sports channels for Firestick:

1. NFL (Free In-app purchases):

If you’re looking to see highlights or news, The NFL FireStick channel is necessary. With various thrilling videos, the officially licensed NFL application will be a must for NFL fans. It keeps you informed with scores and other major games throughout the year. The application is free to download, but it requires the purchase of in-app purchases for certain kinds of videos.

2. Fubo TV (Paid):

The FireStick channel offers a variety of sports channels together in one place to make it easy to stream. Fubo TV features more than 100 sports channels, and more than 30 offer live sports. It offers access to NBC, FOX, CBS Sports Network, CBS, NFL Network, the regional sports network, NBCSN, NBA TV, FS1, etc. Additionally, you can watch live streaming news and streaming TV and movies.

3. MLB At Bat (Free):

Also known as MLB.TV is your one-stop-shop for everything MLB. If you’re an MLB fan and a cord-cutter simultaneously, the FireStick Channel is the best device. This application streams real-time baseball matches and other events as they air. It is compatible with devices like your Fire TV and handheld Kindle devices.

4. NBA to Fire TV (Paid):

It’s officially licensed NBA FireStick channel available for FireStick, Fire TV devices, and Amazon Kindle. With this application, you can now watch your favorite teams and games on your FireStick. It allows you to have accessibility to all live NBA games during the season. You’ll require the NBA League Pass subscription to log in to the app.

5. Fox Sports (Free, in-app purchases):

Fox Sports is essential for all sports fans in the United States. It has a wealth of exclusive video content that you’ll find nowhere elsewhere. If you’re a fan of Boxing, NFL, MLB, Soccer, NASCAR, Basketball, or NCAA, Fox Sports channels for Fire TV Stick cover everything. You can also watch a variety of media that are with a connection with Golf or Football. In addition, BTN is also part of this channel.

6. Fox Sports GO (Free):

If you’re looking to watch your local games on your television, Fox Sports Go is one of the most popular sports channels available on FireStick to get. With this app, you’ll be able to follow your regional teams, stream live sports, and access the original content.

7. ESPN (Free with in-app purchases):

The list of sports is complete without mentioning the name of ESPN. The FireStick channel offers you around all-time accessibility for ESPN, ESPN +, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, ESPNews, ESPNU, SEC Network & SEC Network +, ESPN Deportes, and numerous other channels. You can stream studio programs and various live sports via this application. Also, you can watch sports broadcasts, game replays, and others. ESPN is free to download and comes with an in-app purchase.

8. NFL Sunday Ticket (Paid):

You’ll need an NFL Sunday Ticket for logging into this FireStick channel. You can get one from You can watch DirectTV exclusive events like Sunday’s regular-season games through this channel. The app lets you look over the results and stats and view highlights.

9. CBS Sports Stream & Watch Live (Free):

Also known as CGS Sports HQ, this FireStick channel provides 24/7 streaming of sports. It’s completely free and doesn’t require any subscription to TV or in-app purchases. It lets you watch a variety of recaps, highlights, game previews, and much more. Also, you will have access to expert analysis and betting advice. The channel covers nearly every major sport, such as the NFL, MLB, NCAA, WNBA, College Football, PGA Golf, NHL, etc.

10. NBC Sports (Paid):

It’s one of the top sports channels on FireStick. The channel is a complete source of everything NBC broadcasts and has various media. If you’ve got the NBC network login with your TV provider, it is possible to stream all their content at no cost. Suppose you’re not a subscriber to a network and want to purchase an NBC Sports Gold subscription for streaming on the internet. With this subscription to the NBC Sports channel, you can stream PGA Tour, French Open, Premier League, NFL Sunday Night Football, and many other sports.

11. Bleacher Report Live (Free, in-app purchases):

This FireStick sports channel broadcasts various live TV sports, including NBA League Pass, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, The Dan Patrick Show, All Elite Wrestling, etc.

12. NHL (Free In-app purchases):

If you’re an avid fan of the National Hockey League, you will be awed by this official NHL application for FireStick. The sports channel on FireStick allows you to stream your most loved games live. Highlights can be watched and a lot of other content too.

13. UFC (Paid):

UFC is a great option for MMA fans. Through the UFC Fight Pass, you get access to UFC Fight Library, UFC Fight Nights Highlights, PPV replays, TV Shows, and a host of originals. You can also stream all UFC Pay Per View events. The app allows you to keep track of the schedule of the TV show and the most recent news.

14. DAZN (Paid) DAZN (Paid):

this subscription-based sports streaming channel on FireStick can be found in the US and eight nations (including Japan, Canada, Italy, and Brazil). According to Wikipedia, the app can provide greater than 250 million hours of live streaming each year. It includes coverage of over 70 of the most significant leagues in sports and sporting events and various minor tournaments. The range covers UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League, NHL, NFL, Major League Soccer, FIBA Basketball World Cup, Premier League, etc.

15. Tennis Channel (Free and Paid):

If you are a tennis fan who loves tennis, this FireStick Sports channel is worth looking at. It broadcasts a variety of Live tennis matches and offers a variety of videos on demand Highlights, replays, and highlights. There isn’t everything free, however. If you’re interested in exploring the app’s full potential, you can join by using your cable TV subscription or purchasing a Tennis Plus subscription.

C) FireStick For News Channels

Best FireStick Channels

1. CBS News – Fire TV (Free):

This FireStick news channel is a source of world and national news. World, US News, Science/Technology, Entertainment, Politics, Health, Crime, and some of the news categories you can select from. With CBSN, you can enjoy round all-hours of live streaming of news. Alongside the information, you receive access to other CBS original programming, including CBSN AM and Red & Blue.

2. ABC News (Free ):

ABC News FireStick channel lets you live to stream the most critical stories in the news of the day, live news streams, and breaking news loves an array of specials. The channel allows worth looking at the most popular shows like 20/20, Good Morni, etc.

3. BBC News (Free + Paid)

The BBC News FireStick channel delivers the range of the BBC Network’s worldwide network directly to your television without needing to sign up for an internet-connected television subscription. If you’re interested in entertainment, business, or any other subject, you can find everything you can watch here. You also have access to TV shows that are full-length and top stories.

4. NewsON (Free)

The NewsON channel is free if you search for no-cost news sources. NewsON is one of the top Amazon FireStick channels to download. This channel provides many local news clips and numerous live newscasts on demand. It is home to nearly 175 local media across the US. You don’t require an account with a cable provider to access this application. It doesn’t require any logins at all.

5. Sky News (Free, in-app purchases)

Sky News is the best way to enjoy Live streaming for Sky News on FireStick. Apart from Live News, you can stream content from different categories like Latest, US News, World, UK News, Technology, Entertainment, and Royal Family. There are a few in-app purchases. But, there’s lots of free content on the FireStick News channel.

6. One America News Network (Free with in-app purchase)

One of the most trusted national and global news sources and information on fascinating topics, including entertainment business, technology, etc. The FireStick news network is entirely free to download; however, you need to pay a monthly subscription of $4.99 to access the information. The app does not provide any free material.

D) Best Firestick Channels for Kids

Best FireStick Channels

1. PBS Kids (Free):

Now you can access your top TV shows on PBD Kids via the PBS Kids Video FireStick channel. The channel has hundreds of incredible videos as well as many shows from the renowned PBS Kids channel. You’ll need to log into an account on your PBS Kids account. If you do not have one, head onto the website and sign up for one. PBS Kids FireStick channel will automatically choose the local station based on the location you are in. You can switch the channel whenever you like.

2. GooNoodle (Free) :

It is among the most well-known educational services in the United States. It is a great app for everyone families, kids as well as educators. GooNoodle FireStick is a channel for all ages. GooNoodle FireStick channel brings to you a wealth of educational videos as well as fun activities for families and kids. You can pick videos from a variety of categories like the latest GoNoodle, The Best Tees, GoNoodle, Featured in School, NTV: Noodle Television, The Best Tees, Blazer Flesh, GoNoodle House Party, Moose Tube, Awesome Sauce and many more.

3. Nick Jr. for Fire TV (Free and Paid)

To stream full-length episodes and a plethora of Nick Jr. originals, download this FireStick channel today. It has popular shows such as PAW Patrol, Bubble Guppies Ryan’s Mystery Playdate Blue’s Clues and you, Shimmer and Shine, Top Wing, Peppa Pig, Broken Record, Hobby The shrunk Kids and many more. The majority of content here is available for free. To access the full spectrum of content and enjoy an advertising-free experience, you’ll need to connect with your television provider.

4. Pokemon TV (Free)

The official Pokemon channel available for FireStick or Fire TV gadgets. This app lets you stream your most loved Pokemon films and shows for without cost. The FireStick channel for kids allows you to stream all content without logging in. To ensure that you be able to share your experience across all devices it is highly recommended to sign up. If you do not have an account, you can sign-up for one via the official website.

5. Enjoy yourself playing with Roblox (Free)

If you are looking to create your very own Roblox games, these FireStick channels can provide you with the necessary information. Even if you’re not looking to develop any games, you are able to take advantage of some very captivating Roblox tutorials and videos. This channel is intended specifically for teenagers and children of 12 to 15 years of age. But, I had a very enjoyable time using the app even as an adult. The app is free. There aren’t any in-app purchases that can delight you. Also, it doesn’t require any type of login. You can begin streaming immediately.

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