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[100% Working] Best Kodi Addons in June 2023

Kodi is a media player used by millions and is very popular. There are thousands of add-ons available for Kodi. There are many types of Best Kodi TV Addons such as Movies, Sports, TV Shows, News, adults, News, and more. Install add-ons to Kodi, and you’re good to go.

Below is a list of various add-ons that can be used in Kodi. These add-ons can be installed on Kodi-supported devices, including firestick lite and 4K.

Best Kodi Addons

Best Kodi Addons That are Working in 2022

Here are various types of best Kodi addons:

A) Best Movies and TV Shows Addon for Kodi

Here are the best Movies Kodi Addon:

1. Exodus Redux

Kodi 18 Only

Exodus Redux was the most recent on-demand Kodi addon in October 2018. Exodus Redux is not a new addon, but it quickly rose to the top of our top Kodi addons. We have a few reasons. It is the best Kodi movie addition.

Exodus Redux may be a clone (and still operating) of Exodus, a well-known Kodi addon. Exodus Redux appears to be the new bright star in the night. Exodus has seemed to have declined over the years. It is a great addition to Kodi for multipurpose.

If you are looking for the best Firestick Channels then you should read: 30+ Best FireStick Channels

2. Asgard 

Kodi 19 and Kodi18

Asgard, formerly known as Odin, is a Kodi All-in-One addon from the Narcacist Repo. This multi-category addon allows you to stream TV shows and movies and other entertainment options such as anime, sports documentaries, etc. This add-on is perfect for providing entertainment for all ages. This add-on is the best Kodi add-on.


Kodi 18 Only

Gaia can be added to your favorite television or movies as an on-demand option. Gaia’s home screen is simple and categorizes content into documentaries or films, shows, children, etc. Gaia will pull dozens of streams from multiple servers when you request a playback.

Gaia has been back online after being offline for a few days. Gaia 4’s latest add-on (Gaia 4) offers many improvements and enhancements to the older versions. This add-on is best when used in conjunction with Real-Debrid. Enjoy your free time with this top Kodi addon

4. 4K

Kodi 19 and Kodi18

You can stream TV shows and movies with the 4K addon. This add-on can find streaming video content in 4K resolution, which is of the highest quality. You can find the 4K Kodi Addon in Narcacist’s Wizard Repository.

This add-on offers a variety of movie categories, including new movies and movies in alphabetical order. Movies are also organized by years since release. There is also a wide selection of genres available. Connecting an existing Debrid account like Real Debrid to the addon will allow you to take the 4K extension up to the maximum level.

5. Black Lightning 

Kodi 19 and Kodi18

Black Lightning is the right choice if you are looking for a reliable Kodi addon specializing in TV and film. You can create one-click playlists with the addon. Black Lightning is included with the Narcacist’s Wizard Repository. This software is compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix.

It would help if you considered developing the Real Debrid Premium Account to get the best out of Black Lightning. You get instant access to many premium links with high video quality up to 4K. Trakt.

6. The Oath 

Kodi 19 and Kodi18

The Oath quality addon works flawlessly with every Kodi version (Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi19 Matrix). This add-on was tested with Kodi 18 & 19. It pulled up many streaming links. The Real Debrid addon is recommended if you are looking for a high-quality stream experience. This add-on is recommended. We added Oath to our Best Kodi Addons List.

7. The Magic Dragon

Kodi 18 Only

Another amazing add-on offers a huge library of TV shows, flicks, and movies to provide endless entertainment. The Magic Dragon addon was quickly a top choice for Kodi pros and casual users alike. This add-on is simple and quick and provides all the content you need, even popular movies and shows.

The Magic Dragon uses a collection of efficient scrapers to find the most reliable streams. It is a similar add-on to The Dogs Bollocks, but it has better packaging and more features.

The Magic Dragon is the perfect place to watch documentaries and films and shows and programs for kids. The Magic Dragon can be set up from the Diamond Build Repo within minutes.

8. Morpheus

Kodi 19 and Kodi18

Morpheus, a new Kodi addon, is available with the Fracture Repository. You can find a large selection of movies, including obscure and new titles. Morpheus allows users to stream anime and TV shows, documentaries, and stand-up comedy.

Morpheus provides a user-friendly experience that makes it easy to find the content you are looking for. You can explore several sections. Morpheus can be used as an addon to Real Debrid. However, some sections offer free movies, such as the Non-Read Debrid One-click Movies. Users who subscribe to Trakt can integrate Morpheus with the service.

9. Diamond Shadow

Kodi 19 and Kodi18

It’s hosted in Diamond Build Repo. Diamond Shadow, a Kodi addon that allows users to stream a variety of TV shows and movies, is where it is located. It is a Shadow fork. Diamond Shadow is a great alternative for those who love new movies, as it is regularly updated. This add-on works with the Kody 18 Leia and the modern Kodi 19 Matrix.

Diamond Shadow is available in both premium and free Debrid streams. However, it is primarily an addon for real Debrid. You will get more out of this addon if you join Real Debrid, then integrate it into Kodi. You don’t have to register for Real Debrid. You can choose from a wide range of free movies.

10. Revolution

Kodi 19 and Kodi18

This addon is relatively new and compatible with the latest Kodi version. Kodi 19. Revolution Kodi has many streaming sources. Many free links are available. There are many free links.

11. DejaVu B

Kodi 19 and Kodi18

The DejaVu Best Kodi Addon offers a wide range of streaming content, including your favorite movies and series. You can stream documentaries about sports, documentaries for children, and other content. You will find it easy to browse and explore the videos thanks to the user-friendly categories on the main page. The DejaVu Kodi addon generates high-quality streams using torrenting and scraping technology. This addon is great when used in conjunction with Real Debrid. DejaVu is currently one of the most powerful Kodi addons.

12. Tempest 

Kodi 18 Only

Tempest, another addon, works great with Kodi 18. It offers a large library of TV shows and films. This add-on shows you the most recent movies and shows aired. You will also find a lot of older content. Tempest is similar to an offshoot from Covenant. Tempest can be used to support Covenant, even though it is no longer supported.

The streaming feature that comes with Tempest Kodi is quite impressive. It is quick to find streams and can play almost all of them. Real Debrid is also compatible with Tempest. Tempest can also be integrated with Trakt. This add-on is a great choice, and I don’t see any reason to change it.

13. Venom

Kodi 19 and Kodi18

It’s quickly becoming a popular choice because many of the most highly-rated and well-respected Kodi addons have shut down.

Venom has a wide selection of movies, and television shows that you can stream. Venom doesn’t offer any extra or complex genres. Venom is an excellent alternative for those who enjoy watching movies and shows. It is one of the best Kodi addons.

14. Nemesis AIO 

Kodi 19 and Kodi18

Nemesis AIO, a multi-category best Kodi extension that delivers the most recent streaming content, is available. There are both the TV Shows and Movies categories. You can also choose from different categories such as Documentaries, Webcam Gaming Videos, Animations, etc. At the time of writing, Nemesis is doing well. I hope that the current performance level will continue to improve over the next few years. For a better streaming experience, if you have an account with Real Debrid, pair it up with Nemesis AIO.

15. ReleaseBB 

Kodi 19 and Kodi18

ReleaseBB provides a wide range of TV shows and films to satisfy your entertainment needs. This Kodi add-on offers the best streaming quality from top-end providers. Release BB doesn’t offer any free streams as of the writing. To stream videos, you must sign up using a premium hosting provider. Premiumize, AllDebrid, and Real Debrid are all premium streaming services. You can stream using premium connections with many add-ons for free. It’s a completely different experience. This add-on is free!

16. UK Turks Playlist

UK Turks Playlist, a popular Kodi Addon for Amazon Fire TV, is widely downloaded. This addon provides a large collection of TV shows and movies and cartoons, CCTV, Live TV, and Stand-up Comedy documentaries Food Porn. Its UI is clean and simple to use, and it performs flawlessly. This is why it is included in our list of top Kodi addons.

17. MTB’s Greased Lightning

MTB’s Greased Lightning Fast AutoPlay is a powerful add-on from Movie Theater Butter Preset Max makers. Auto-play is quick. It takes only a few seconds to find and play the stream. This is not all. Greased Lightning also offers a large selection of video-on-demand. All your favorite Movies and Shows can be found right there. However, the extension offers a wide variety of streaming options. Watch documentaries, listen to music, and stream classics. It is also speedy. Real Debrid or Trakt can sign in with the add-on to provide better streaming.

18. Seren

Kodi 19 and Kodi18

Seren is a wonderful addition to the universe’s best Kodi addons. Seren is one of many addons available. The developers of Seren seem to be working on the add-on. It already looks appealing to me.

When writing this article, the add-on does not offer streaming links free of charge. You must configure it with either Real Debrid or Premiumize, both premium hosts. Real Debrid is my preference because it’s better-known and because it is more popular.

Seren uses high-quality links to provide better playback. The streams are fast and easy to use and provide many more HD streaming options. This add-on is still being developed. The add-on may soon offer free streaming. It is still to be determined. In any event, I am currently using this plugin and like it very much. You don’t have to go through all the fake sites to find the one working.

19. Alvin

Kodi 19 and Kodi18

Alvin Kodi addon can be found in the largely unknown repository Octopus. It is a great find. It appears that the add-on is an emulating of the fork Exodus V8. They share a similar layout, but they are not identical. Alvin pulls in many high-quality links, most of which are in 1080p. You also have a lot of content. Although you won’t see many fancy categories, the Alvin add-on makes it easy to stream high-quality TV shows and films.

20. DeathStar

Kodi 18 Only

DeathStar isn’t your typical entertainment add-on. This add-on has an exciting twist. DeathStar is a combination of over 35 Kodi addons. You can access a library of addons for streaming your content by installing just one addon. No matter what you’re looking for, DeathStar has it all.

DeathStar was created by the collaboration of 10 well-respected Kodi developers. Many developers manage it, so it will always deliver top-quality performance. You can install DeathStar from the EzzerMacs repositories in less than five minutes and enjoy a wonderful streaming experience.

21. FEN

Kodi 19 as well as Kodi 18

FEN is a brand-new top Kodi addon compared to the bulk of addons in this list. It has proven worth being included on our best list of addons. The lightweight and easy-to-use add-on let you stream your most beloved films and shows with incredible ease. It’s fast for all Kodi devices, including FireStick. Fen has a vast selection of content. New content is regularly added. Check it out!

22. The Crew

Kodi 19 as well as Kodi 18

The Crew is one of the most popular Kodi add-ons that offer various streaming options. The multi-scraper Kodi add-on can stream films and shows, live TV games, sports, children’s entertainment, and a lot more. The Crew Kodi addon includes thousands of entertainment hours worth watching binge-style.

The Crew addon has been incorporated into It now includes the Crew Sports addon. This means that it’s not required to install the Sports addon.

It’s a small, lightweight add-on which almost completely error-free on every Kodi-compatible device. It’s part of the internal repository, dubbed The Crew. It’s easy to install, simple to use, and user-friendly. It also works with third-party applications like Trakt and Real Debrid to provide a more enjoyable streaming experience. The addon is often updated, as are improvements and bug fixes.

23. cCloud TV

CCloud TV is a unique live TV, the best Kodi add-on for those who enjoy streaming satellite TV on Kodi. It’s not much trouble to use this add-on that provides the most popular TV channels without paying a costly subscription cost. CCloud TV is 100% free. It has a variety of categories like All Channels, FilmOn, News, Sports Documentary, and many more types. Although cCloud TV is live television, IPTV add-ons have special on-demand categories specific to films and shows.

cCloud TV allows the one-click play of all videos. However, the movies you want to play might not be available all day. Some channels are unavailable. This is a great live TV addon, especially when you compare it with other addons similar in quality. This addon must be included in the top Kodi addons. It is possible to download cCloud TV from the Kodi Bae repository.

24. PVR Simple Client for IPTV

Kodi 19 as well as Kodi 18

IPTV Simple Client IPTV Simple Client functions as an IPTV add-on that allows users to connect their current IPTV streaming service with Kodi streaming live TV channels to TV. This addon doesn’t provide any specific media. However, it is compatible with various IPTV services.

Manage your IPTV subscription using this Kodi add-on with an M3U playlist URL and XMLTV EPG’s link. There’s no other way. You can reach out to the IPTV service provider to inquire about the URLs. It is also recommended to look through your email to find the URLs, as they typically arrive in an email containing login details.

B.) Best Sports addons for Kodi

Now its’s time to start for the sport addon list, Follow below – 

1. Mad Titan Sports

Kodi 19 as well as Kodi 18

If you’re a fan of a variety of sports will not be able to beat this top Kodi addon. Mad Titan Sports is a component of the Mad Titan AIO addon. This add-on lets you stream the most-watched live sporting events in the US and replays. It’s part of the Magnetic Repository and compatible with the Kodi 19 Matrix.

Mad Titan Sports focuses on American-based sports, like the NFL, NBA, and NHL. However, it is also possible to participate in other sports, including fighting sports (MMA and wrestling) and soccer. Some sections permit replays as well as highlights of previous events. Additionally, you can find a category dedicated to college sports if you’re an avid follower of the sport.

2. SportsDevil

SportsDevil is one of the top popular sports add-ons. The add-on has been in use for a long time and continues to provide high-quality content. It’s an essential addition for sports enthusiasts of all kinds. It allows live streaming on various channels for sports, which means that you can live stream sports. Matches. You can also catch up on your favorite matches if there is a delay in live-action. The service was previously available via Fusion. Fusion repos are no longer available, but users can access them through various repos.

The addon has been in use for a few years and was used for some time. You may find that specific videos don’t play across all categories. If SportsDevil doesn’t provide the results you’re expecting. You may want to look into other sports accessories.

3. Rising Tides

Kodi 19 as well as Kodi 18

The Rising Tides is another of the top sports Kodi add-on. It lets you view Sports, PPV events, and other sports channels. It’s not equipped with the most outstanding selection of streaming options; however, it has some fascinating areas. You may want to give it a try.

4. ApeX Sports

Kodi 19 as well as Kodi 18

Apex Sports is, without doubt, one of the best and most reliable Kodi sports add-ons. This addon, which is included with the Arxtic-ape repository, lets you stream and stream every one sports event. If you’ve missed a sporting event, you can use highlights and replays that the add-on offers to stay on top of the latest news. In addition to Live Sports, you can also stream Live TV live through ApeX Sports.

The Kodi add-on is simple in its interface designed for users. There’s a small number of sections to choose from, including sections that stream live games and live TV replays of games highlights, highlights, and highlights. Apex Sports is a shoo-in if you’re looking for a light but effective Kodi sports application that streams sports in real-time.

C) Best Anime Addons for Kodi

Here are the Best Anime and Cartoon addon for Kodi – 

1. WatchNixtoons2

Kodi 19 only

WatchNixtoons2 is a more anime-like new addon for Kodi and serves as an alternative to the original WatchNixtoons addon, developed by Doko. It’s already popular with anime fans due to the top-quality streaming experience it offers. They were initially designed to be compatible with Kodi 18 and 18 Leia. It has been upgraded to work with WatchNixtoons2. It has been upgraded to be consistent with the most recent Kodi 19 Matrix.

WatchNixtoons2 is among the most popular Kodi add-ons for anime. It provides a variety of anime across an array of types and genres. You don’t need a real Debrid account to access this add-on, even though excellent streaming options are available. Some sections focus on the latest movies released, cartoons with subtitles, dubbed, animated programs, OVA series, and others.

2. Fanime

Kodi 19 as well as Kodi 18

Fanime is the top Kodi addon for videos created by the famous Nemzzy. It’s an integral part of the repository for Stream Army, which includes other add-ons like Nemesis AIO and Entertains Me add-on. It’s among my top choices of the most popular Kodi 19 addons available to people who love anime all over the world.

If you’re a fan of anime, this is the Kodi add-on you need. Fanime has a broad selection of anime films and anime. It also has an easy-to-use interface, with sections of anime content organized into various categories. There’s also an option for searching that lets you locate the anime you want to watch. After you’ve found the show you’re trying to stream, You’ll be able to identify various links to select from.

3. FunimationNow

Kodi 18 only

FunimationNow gives you access to a massive collection of Anime video content that costs $5.99 every month. You can also buy the annual subscription costing $59.99, If you’re looking for savings. FunimationNow also offers a free service, but it comes with only a small library of videos. The free content is full of ads. The paid subscription lets you stream at least two streams concurrently; However, the free version limits the number of streams to just one. If you purchase the subscription, you will also get access to Home Video Dubs earlier. Download FunimationNow through Kodi’s Kodi, the official add-on repository.

D) Best Porn Addons for Kodi

Here are the Best Adults Kodi Addon:

1. VideoDevil

VideoDevil is probably the most organized Kodi porn extension available. It provides a wide variety of streaming streams from the most well-known free porn sites. The content is divided into various relevant categories.


XXXX-ODU is one of the most well-known Kodi add-ons for playing porn. It’s part of the trusted sources Stream Army, also home to a wide range of Kodi add-ons.

This add-on offers adult-oriented content from various categories, including Hentai films, Tubes, Live Cams, Virtual Reality, and numerous others. The XXXX-O-DUS addon is regularly updated with new content.

3. FapZone

Another trustworthy porn Kodi add-on to install. Fapzone is also a great collection of adult and mature content in various categories.

This is the complete list of all the best Kodi addons which we decided to add in the list, If you think there are could be more apps or we have missed something good addon please let us know. 

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