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How to Watch & Install BT Sport on FireStick in 2023


In this guide, you will find the procedure to install and Watch BT Sport on firestick and stream you favorite spots on your firestick smart tv.

BT-Sports is the most reliable UK-based channel in the UK to show sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Baseball, etc.

BT Sports network is one of the largest sports television networks that has been broadcasting tournaments and sports leagues since 2013. It also holds the right to broadcast matches throughout the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League matches.

If you are a true fan of sports, then you should try Yahoo Sports: How to Watch Yahoo Sports on Firestick

You can also view the Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and many other football matches Live and on-demand.

How to Watch & Install BT Sport on FireStick

You can watch BT Sport on FireStick with Amazon Silk Browser

BT Sports channel only works in the UK, and you must verify the details from your TV provider to access BT Sorts. However, for the free option, all you need is an internet browser on your FireStick and a VPN.

Before streaming BT Sports, make sure that you install ExpressVPN and run it on FireStick to ensure secure and safe streaming. Follow these steps:

1. Launch Firestick, Go to Home Screen.

bt sports apk for firestick

2. Choose Find from the menu

3. Hit the Search option.

how to get bt sport on firestick free

4. Enter “Internet Browser” and select it from the suggestion.

how to get bt sports on firestick free

5. Click the Internet icon when the screen below appears.

6. Wait for the application’s download to begin by clicking “Download.”

7. Wait for downloading completely.

8. Select Open to connect to the installed web browser.

9. Once your browser is open, Click on Accept Terms.

bt sport app on firestick

10. tab will open.

bt sports app on firestick

11. Click in the address bar, and type in this URL:

how to watch bt sport for free

12. This is the SS live TV interface (Stitich Sports).

bt sport apk for firestick

13. Select the Sports TV Channels tab.

bt sport app not working on firestick

14. Scroll down to select the BT Sport channels

bt sports subscription

15. Hit the Watch Now button to stream.

is bt sport free with amazon prime

16. Below you can see a image of live stream.

bt tv app on firestick

Install and Watch Official BT Sports on FireStick

BT Sports has been licensed to broadcast sports and is available in the official Amazon app store. But BTSports can be only accessed in the UK region. 

Follow these steps:

1. Back back to the Firestick Homepage and then click the Find tab.

2. Select Search icon search icon

3. Enter ‘BT Sports’ and choose it from the options

4 . Hit the Download button

5. You must wait until the download to begin

6. Click Open

7. Now you can access the BT Sports application is available initially, you need to sign up to the service, and then you can access all contents

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