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Firestick Not Working? A Simple Guide to Fix all the issues in 2022

Firestick TV devices revolutionized the streaming world. People can enjoy tons of videos on firestick. Users can install various apps and stream. A real nightmare comes when your firestick not working, so we have covered various possible solutions to fix it.

In this article, We will discuss How to fix the Firestick issue. So let’s start without wasting your precious time.

Firestick Not Working

1. Firestick not working and showing a blank Screen 

Pressing buttons “select” and “play/pause” buttons simultaneously for 5-10 seconds will cause the Firestick to reboot.

Make sure to restart Fire Stick

If your Firestick is showing an empty screen, the first step is to restart the device. To do this, without having access to the screen for settings, users have to hold and press keep pressing both the ” select” and ” play/pause” buttons simultaneously for approximately five minutes.

A Fire TV logo will show that the device has been shut down and is now restarting and is also an indication that you’re able to release the controller’s buttons.

Check Your Firestick Remote Batteries

If this does not happen and the device isn’t rebooted Make sure that the batteries inside the Fire Stick remote are fresh. The Alexa-enabled device uses Bluetooth instead of IR like a standard remote and therefore requires powerful batteries to function properly.

Verify the HDMI Connection

The final thing you should do if your Fire TV device is still just showing a blank screen is to verify that the device is properly connected to the television’s HDMI port.

You can join your Firestick direct to your television or use the cable-included HDMI cord to get more space. Amazon suggests you try to verify that you’re using the supplied connections first before attempting any other cables from third parties. It’s an excellent idea to play around with an alternative HDMI connector on your TV if there are several.

2. Firestick isn’t Responding

Because the Fire Stick isn’t able to contain any buttons The only way to turn it back on when the remote doesn’t work is to disconnect it from power sources and then let it restart after it’s connected back.

Start the Firestick again

Similar to the issue from earlier one of the best ways to deal with a Fire TV device that won’t respond is to reboot the device by pressing buttons “select” and “play/pause” buttons simultaneously for a short time.

Make sure the batteries are checked.

If it doesn’t work ensure that your remote’s batteries are in good condition since the Bluetooth connection that the Alexa remote makes use some power more than a normal remote.

Unplug the Firestick

If your remote has a new battery and the restart button doesn’t work, then it is possible to restart the device by unplugging it and letting it rest for a few minutes after which you plug it into. When you plug it in again, you’ll be able to see a Fire TV logo as the device starts up again.

3. Fix Screen Mirroring Issues

A lot of devices can work when this setting isn’t on. However, if you’re experiencing issues connecting, pressing this option in the settings will assist in solving the problem.

Turn On “Enable Display Mirroring”

Go to the settings of your Fire TV device and open the “display and sounds” tab. In this section of your settings, you’ll find the option “Enable Display Mirroring.” While most devices should be capable of mirroring the display of your Fire TV even without this mode, turning it on makes it easier for other devices to locate the Fire TV.

Use the Same WiFi Network

If you’re still having issues Make sure both the Firestick as well as the other device that you’re trying mirror to are on an identical WiFi connection. Also, Amazon recommends that the devices are at least 30 feet from each another, and if that connection isn’t working, moving them closer can be helpful.

Update Your Devices

In the end, if one device isn’t updated it could result in fire Stick mirroring issues, so be sure you check for updates for each of your Fire TV and your other devices.

4. Firestick Buffering Issues

Utilizing Google’s speed test is a great method to ensure that your internet is running smoothly and will inform you that you can stream the results.

If you’re experiencing buffering problems on your Firestick there are a few things that you can try to enhance the connection.

Restart FireStick TV and WiFi Router

If this isn’t a typical problem, try restarting the devices. Fire TV device as well as your WiFi router.

Run Speed Tests

Once you’ve permitted your router to reboot you can run an experiment to test the speed of another device connected to your WiFi and determine if the results match exactly as they ought to be. There are speed test apps that are available through Amazon’s Amazon Fire TV app store however we are unable to verify the accuracy of the apps is.

Move the Fire Stick and Router Closer Together

The last option you could test if you are slow to load is to attempt to position the Firestick and router as close as you can and get rid of any obstructions that may be that might be in between Firestick and router.

5. Fire Stick App Crashes

Utilizing the “reset to factory defaults” button located at the bottom of the “my Fire TV” tab of the settings will clean the device, however, it can resolve a variety of problems.

Reinstall, Restart & Update Software

There are several solutions to fix apps that frequently fail to load in your Fire TV. The first step is to remove and install the app and then try restarting your device. It may also be helpful to verify the availability of updates on your Firestick if there is an issue with software that isn’t up-to-date.

Use the Right Power Cord and Adapter

It is also recommended to make sure that you’re using the supplied power adapter as well as the power cord. The Firestick is powered by a USB power source, which means you can connect it to a mobile charger, or even a USB connector on your TV, however, it’s not advised.

A third-party power adapter may not provide the Firestick sufficient power, or it may experience unbalanced power delivery, one of which can lead to apps not working or being unable to function properly.

Try a Factory Reset

The last option is a factory reset. This is located on the end in the “my Fire TV” tab of the settings. This will reset the Amazon Fire Stick. This means that you’ll need to go through the whole setup process over again before you can use the device.

6. Fire TV Stick Not Connecting

In the “Network” tab of the settings menu, you can choose to press the “play/pause,” or the “play/pause” button to check the status of the network or press uses the menu option to erase the network.

Restart the Router

If you’re Amazon Fire TV Stick is not connecting to your WiFi network, the first thing you should try is to restart its WiFi router. The most efficient way to accomplish this is to disconnect the router, then let it rest for a few minutes before plugging it back into the router and waiting for it to complete its start-up process. While you wait for this it’s not a bad idea to turn off your Firestick device too.

Forget the WiFi Network

If both devices restart, but the Firestick isn’t connecting to the WiFi correctly, enter the “Network” page of the settings of your Firestick and hit on the menu icon (the one that has three vertical lines) to turn off your network. Once you have signed back in, go to the network to connect to it.

Move the Firestick and Router Closer Together

If the Firestick isn’t able to connect to the WiFi in any way Try moving the router and Firestick closer and take out any object, particularly anything metal if it is feasible.

Check Router Compatibility

Also, make sure your WiFi network is compatible with your Fire TV. It’s highly unlikely that they’re compatible, as the Firestick can connect to almost every 5GHz as well as 2.4 GHz network. However, older routers could not be able to connect.

7. Fire TV Remote Not Responding

For pairing a remote with a Firestick head, go to the settings, press the”Add new device” or “add new remote” button after which press the “home” button on the remote for around 10 seconds.

Use New Batteries

The remote on the Fire TV uses a Bluetooth connection instead of an infrared link like traditional remotes. The Bluetooth connection boosts the bandwidth between the two gadgets, which allows the Alexa voice control feasible.

The downside of this is that it can go through batteries quicker than one would expect and will not run on batteries that aren’t up in power. If you’re having issues in using the Firestick remote the first step to do is to test new batteries.

Reconnect the Fire TV Remote

If you’ve tried new batteries but are having issues with your Firestick problems with remote, try connecting this remote to your Firestick by pressing the “home” button on the remote for approximately 10 seconds. Make use of your smartphone if you are able and then navigate into the setting menu on the Firestick and then select “add new remote” in the “controllers and Bluetooth devices” tab.

Restart the Firestick

If you’re still not able to solve the issue You might be able to restart the device by disconnecting it, or performing a factory reset if you can operate the Firestick using your phone to enter the settings.

Last Words

We have covered efficient solutions and we hope you have successfully resolved your problem If your firestick not working properly. If you tried all the way and still, you are facing the issue then you can contact us or contact the Amazon firestick helpline number.

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