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Firestick Remote Not Working? Here are 5 Ways Fixes 2023

FireStick Remote Not Working: Firestick is a very popular device that lets you watch your favorite content without taking any cable TV. you can install various apps on firestick within multiple categories including News, Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Sports, adults, Anime and Cartoons, Music, and more. most of the apps are navigated by a firestick remote. you can easily navigate and select options of any app within firestick.

But if your fire stick remote not working, then what would you do? Here are some instructions to solve the problem firestick remote is not working. So that you can navigate menus on apps. let’s dive into this guide and resolve the firestick remote not working issue.

FireStick Remote Not Working
how to fix FireStick Remote Not Working

How to Fix FireStick Remote Not Working Problem

We will look at the various causes which could lead to Fire TV Stick remote not working. First, ensure that you eliminate any obstruction between the remote and the TV Then, follow the steps listed below. Soon, you will be able to have the Fire TV Stick remote in working condition.

1. Inspect Fire TV Stick Remote

Perhaps your child throws a Fire TV Stick remote for amusement or caused some harm to the remote resulting in the remote not functioning.

Take a close look at the remote and then check the upper portion. If it’s damaged badly the remote won’t function regardless of the method you use.

As a temporary solution for a temporary solution, you can download use Fire TV app (we will be discussing that later) and purchase a new remote on Amazon.

2. Change Remote Batteries

A low battery could result in Fire TV Stick remote not functioning. It’s among the main reasons for this. Most people stick with the battery that comes with them and doesn’t replace them as frequently.

If you’re a user of the power Alexa use, then you may run out of battery within a few weeks. Recharge them using Alkaline batteries that will last longer.

All you require is a new battery to power the Fire TV Stick remote. When you plug in the new batteries ensure that you do not plug batteries in the incorrect direction/position.

Now pair Firestick remote, if you don’t know how to pair the remote, you can easily Pair and Unpair FireStick Remote

3. Reset Fire TV Stick Remote (FireStick Remote Not Working )

Similar to how we reboot our PCs and phones for simple troubleshooting, you could apply the same procedure to your Fire TV Stick remote. It restarts the connection and refreshes its software as well as hardware.

If you own the Alexa Voice remote with volume and power buttons Follow the steps below to reset it.

1. Unplug the FireStick TV device from the TV and then wait for one minute.

2. Hold the Back and Menu buttons simultaneously until 12 seconds.

3. Now, release the button and wait for 5 seconds.

4. Now, Remove batteries from your firestick remote.

5. Plug back the Fire TV Stick once more and let it sit for 60 minutes.

6. Now, insert the batteries into the firestick remote.

7. Press the Home button and it will turn blue, signaling that it was successfully paired. If not then hold on to the home button and hold it for 10 seconds.

If you have an Alexa Voice remote (1 1st Gen) as well as an Alexa Voice remote lite, you could go to this support page of Amazon for instructions on how to restore the remotes.

4. Check Fire TV Stick Remote Compatibility (FireStick Remote Not Working )

Are you having an issue with your remote immediately after you purchase a brand new one? It could be that the remote isn’t suitable for the Fire TV Stick model you own.

Amazon has a vast array of Fire TV devices. There are several versions of Fire TV Stick devices, TVs that have Fire OS built-in, Fire TV Cube, and many more. They don’t all function well together because of obvious limitations.

Go to the remote’s description webpage on Amazon and verify its compatibility for compatibility with Fire TV Stick devices. If the model you’re using for your Fire TV Stick isn’t listed you can return the remote, and you’ll receive another one that is compatible with the model you have.

5. Use the Fire TV Phone App (FireStick Remote Not Working )

Amazon provides the Fire TV app on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It is a quick and immediate solution until the next Fire TV Stick remote is in the works.

Install the app on your phone via the link below, and then open it. Make sure that your smartphone, as well as Fire TV Stick, are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The app will detect Fire TV Stick automatically.

Click on it and begin using the remote’s digital keys to navigate through the Fire OS interface on the TV. It might not have the physical feel of a button however, this Fire TV app should get the job done and get you through the weekend.

Get Fire TV for Android

Get Fire TV for iPhone

6. Reconnect the Remote (FireStick Remote Not Working )

If you’re trying to use the Fire TV Stick remote after an extended period you’ve had problems connecting to the device. Try pairing the remote to Fire TV Stick using the instructions following.

If the remote doesn’t work You can try Fire TV’s Fire TV app to complete the pairing process.

1. Open Fire TV Stick at home, then open settings.

2. Select Remotes & Bluetooth Devices.

3. Select Amazon Fire TV Remotes menu.

4. Select Add New Remote from the menu below.

Fire TV Stick will start seeking a new remote to connect. If the remote you have isn’t appearing, continue pushing the Home button, for 10 seconds, and it will appear to be paired.

7. Contact Amazon (FireStick Remote Not Working )

Have you tried all of the tips above but still encounter issues with the remote? Contact Amazon customer service to describe the issue in specific detail.

If Amazon representatives can’t solve the issue they’ll likely ship an alternative device as well as Fire TV Stick as a replacement.

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