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How to Watch NFL on FireStick for Free Without Cable {June 2023}

NFL is the acronym for The NFL and its stands for National Football League, the longest-running and largest professional soccer league in the United States. The NFL comprises 32 teams in two conferences: which are the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference ( NFC). The team that takes home the AFC championship plays who will win the NFC championship in the Super Bowl after each season.

If you want to watch NFL on firestick without cable TV, then you should use Best VPN.

How to Watch NFL on FireStick

How to Watch NFL on FireStick

As I said earlier there are a variety of ways to watch NFL game action across the US. The list will begin by using, the most official NFL app that is available on FireStick.

1. Official NFL App 

For the most ardent NFL supporters, this app is ideal for you! This is because the NFL Network has an official application for FireStick. You can watch live sports and stream behind-the-scenes footage as well. The app also has download highlights and replays.

Its NFL game pass subscriptions begin at $99 for a year. It is available in a variety of regions including the US and the EU, Asia, and the Middle East.

It’s not the most ideal way to stream live NFL games, however. NFL Game Pass NFL Game Pass is good enough to watch preseason games, replays, and audio-only live games.

2. Hulu

If you’re not having any financial concerns I suggest you go with the most comprehensive Hulu bundle. It includes Hulu channels, as well as ESPN+ and Disney+ for $64.99 per month.

ESPN+ encompasses all of the major leagues like the NFL, NBA, UFC, and F1. Disney+ the newest kid in the streaming services game has already made waves with critically-acclaimed movies and television shows.

In addition to the sports channels that broadcast NFL matches, Hulu has 75+ channels, 50 hours of DVR cloud, shows on HBO Max and SHOWTIME, and many more.

3. Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the cheapest options to stream NFL football games via FireStick. The service offers more than 50 channels with full HD quality. The good thing is that there is no limit only to FireStick only.

Sling TV is available on various devices which include iOS, Android, Android TV, NVIDIA Shield, and Apple TV, Whatever device you are using, Sling TV has you covered.

Sling offers a discounted $10 monthly plan for new subscribers. Anyone looking to subscribe to ESPN channels should consider an Orange bundle.

4. FuboTV

fuboTV has a price of $64.99 monthly. But let me tell you something. It’s one of the very few streaming services that have more than 200 channels on TV. It’s enough to completely replace any cable subscription.

If you consider fuboTV being a cable replacement, $64.99 per month sounds like an incredible price.

5. YouTube TV

YouTube is a relatively new service offered by Google. Since it is a relatively new service this service comes with a limited selection of TV shows that are life, which is 85. It has all sports channels, however. It is possible to play the NFL network from the Fire TV Stick.

With support from Google, You can count on the best streaming experience, as well as safe buffer-free streams on FireStick. Users also have the benefit of cloud DVR support and the capability to pause, speed forward/backward, and additional features.

6. AT&T TV

AT&T the second-largest US carrier has ambitious plans to be the leader in the streaming market through its AT&T television service.

AT&T costs the most of all It doesn’t provide an initial trial for free. It costs $69.99 for a month to start.

There is every major channel, like AMC, ESPN, FOX Sports, ABC, Comedy Central, CBS Sports Network, and NBC Sports, plus plenty more. The number of channels is around 65 channels that are live on TV.

If you select the Choice plan for $84.99 each month you will be able to purchase the HBO Max subscription for a year too. The majority of AT&T TV paid plans include 20 hours of cloud-based DVR.

7. ESPN+

What could we do to forget about everyone’s favorite ESPN subscription that streams NFL and others games to the FireStick? ESPN channels are included in the majority of these services. However, if don’t require one of these live television channels and just need to stream sports and other games, ESPN+ makes perfect sense for you.

Like a package that is exclusively for sports, ESPN+ is the lowest-priced option. It’s only $5.99 each month. It covers all major platforms for devices that include Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku TV, Fire TV, and Android TV.

FAQs for Watching NFL on Firestick

Can I watch every NFL game via FireStick?

Yes, you can. Because the NFL has agreements with major US channels available every streaming service that offers support for one of these channels can present every NFL match for FireStick users.

Does the NFL app accessible on FireStick?

The National Football League has an official app for users on iOS, Android, FireStick along with Android TV. For streaming NFL games you must buy an NFL game pass through the official NFL website.

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