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How to Restart FireStick or Fire TV Quickly in 5 Seconds

As you know, the firestick device is a very popular streaming device. it allows you to install apps and watch multiple category video content including movies, tv shows, adults, news, sports, documentaries, and more. But if you are a new firestick user or getting errors like firestick not working, or firestick remote problem. then you need to restart the firestick.

But you don’t know how to restart the firestick or reboot the firestick tv.

How to Reboot / Restart FireStick or Fire TV Quickly in 5 Seconds

How to Restart Amazon Firestick TV

follow the instructions to restart the amazon fire TV stick:

Method 1: How to Restart FireStick with Settings

There is a Restart option within the FireStick Settings that lets you quickly reboot your device. It is probably the most uncomplicated method to restart Amazon FireStick. However, for this method to work, your remote must be working and you should be able to navigate your FireStick.

If the device is frozen or stuck and not responding to the regular remote commands (such as back-button press), you can use the other two methods I have provided later in this guide.

Assuming your remote is working normally and your device is not frozen, follow these steps to restart FireStick:

1. Launch your firestick, you will see the menu option in the middle of the home screen, or if you want to go to the home screen through a remote simply press the home button.

Now, click on the Settings option from the right as shown in a given image.


2. Now, find the option My Fire TV under the settings and click on it.

my fire tv

3. Now, click on the Restart option, on this window.


4. Now, again click on Restart to confirm your action.

restart again

5. Your firestick will restart. So this is very simple to restart the firestick.

Method 2: Restart FireStick by using the Remote

If you find that your FireStick screen is stuck, preventing users from successfully navigating the screen and accessing Settings You can immediately reboot using the remote controller and the combination of buttons. This is a hard restart that forces you to close any active apps. Only use this method if the previous method fails to perform.

press and hold play/pause and select button

Here’s how to reboot the amazon fire tv stick:

1. Press and hold the Select and Play/Pause button on the remote for 5 seconds.

2. Your FireStick will begin to reboot without displaying any confirmation prompt on the screen, as it did with the first method.

Method 3: Unplug your device from power sources

This is a different method of forcibly restarting your FireStick. Only use it when the two other methods aren’t working.

This method of restarting FireStick can be useful if you find that your FireStick screen has frozen and won’t respond to remote commands. It can also be useful if you’re Amazon FireStick remote controller does not function at all.

All you have to do is disconnect or disconnect your FireStick or Fire TV device from the power source. It’s best to wait about one minute before plugging your unit back into the power source.

This is probably the most efficient method of restarting FireStick if your power supply is in reach.

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