How to Download and Install Starz on Firestick [2019]

Starz is the most trending application for watching TV shows, Movies, Online Episodes, and much more. The application also provides Videos-on-demand for subscribed users. So, the User is looking to install Starz on Firestick and watch all movies on HD quality.

There are many applications available on the Internet for watching TV shows, Movies, Videos. Then Why should I go for Starz?.

It would be the most frequent question asked by the user. Actually, the Starz app provides all the TV shows, Movies, from the United States only. No other application is specially designed for US TV shows and Movies.

Starz app is available only in the United States and Puerto Rico. So, Other country users must use VPN to use this application. If you don’t know which VPN to use on Firestick. Then Check out the Best VPN for Firestick Guide 2019.

Let’s See about Starz App features, installation, activation, cancellation, and delete Starz app on firestick. Get to know everything about the Starz app on firestick.

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What is Starz App?

Starz App is a simple application to watch all Movies, TV shows, Online Episodes and also provides video-on-demand. To get all the features, the user has to subscribe to their packages.

Actually, Starz provides a 7-days free trial and after that, you can subscribe to the Package for $8.99 per month. You can also cancel your free-trail any time you want to. No Long Term Contract and start for free without any commitment.

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Features of Starz on Firestick

  • Watch all your Favorite TV Shows, Movies and much more in a single application.
  • No Long Term Contract
  • Discounted Subscriptions
  • Users can watch the same Show at 4 different devices at a time.
  • Get Thousands of Movies, TV shows, and Videos-on demand.
  • 7-days Free Trail available.
  • Cancel Anytime.

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How to Download and Install Starz on Firestick?

Downloading and Installing an application is so simple on the Amazon Firestick. Actually, the Starz app is available in the Amazon App Store. So, it is very simple to do it on any firestick. Let’s Download and Install Starz on Firestick in a minute.

Just follow the steps below to install it from the Amazon App store.

Step1: Turn on the Firestick

Step2: Move on to the Search in the Home Page.

Step3: In Search, Type Starz and click on the OK button in remote.

Step4: A list of the application appears on the screen. In that Select Starz App.

Step5: In the Starz App dashboard, you can find an option as Download.

Step6: Click on Download.

Step7: It will begin downloading and Installing the Starz app on Firestick.

Step8: Once the Installation completes, Click on Open.

That’s it. You successfully installed Starz on Firestick in a minute. Enjoy watching all the Episodes online, and thousands of movies.

How to Sign Up Starz for Firestick?

For the United States, users can directly move on to the official website and sign Up Starz.

  1. Open
  2. Click on Start Free Trial.
  3. Then Enter your Details and Click on Submit.

For Other Country users, Install a VPN and select the United States region. Then open and sign Up for a Free Trial.

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How to Activate Starz on Firestick?

Just follow the steps to activate Starz on Firestick and many more devices. Before activating the Starz account, you must have an account on Starz.

Step1: Install the Starz app on your device(firestick)

Step2: Open the application on your device.

Step3: Enter your login details and sign in.

Step4: In the application, you can find an Activation code.

Step5: After copying the code, move on to the

Step6: Enter the Activation Code.

Step7: Click on Submit.

Automatically, it will identify the device and activate your account on your device.

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How to Cancel Starz on Firestick?

Some of them want to cancel the Starz account after using it for long years or free trial. For them a short guide to cancel Starz on firestick. Just follow the steps to Cancel Starz on Firestick.

There are many ways to cancel the subscription on firestick. Let’s check out one by one and choose your easiest method.

Using the Computer:

  • Open Browser.
  • Enter the Link as given below.
  • It will ask for your Amazon login details, just enter it.
  • Now, you can find the list of channels subscribed.
  • In that select Starz and click on Actions.
  • In that, you can find Cancel your subscription.

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How to Delete Starz App on Firestick?

Step1: Turn on Firestick

Step2: Open Settings

Step3: In settings, move on to the Manage Installed Applications.

Step4: Now, you can find the list of the application installed on Firestick.

Step5: Select the application, you want to Delete.

Step6: Now, A list of options appears on the screen. In that click on Uninstall.

Step7: Now, the Starz app will be deleted from your firestick.

However, If you want to re-install the application. Just follow the installation Guide above to re-install it.

Final Words

Starz is one of the best application to watch Episodes online, and thousands of movies. Most of the streaming application does not provides Free-trial. But Starz provides a 7-day free trial and cancel anytime you want to. However, Starz allows users to stream the same show at four devices simultaneously. Just subscribe Starz package of $8.99 per month.

I hope that successfully installed Starz on Firestick. Also, If you are in need of any Apps for firestick. Just leave a comment below or visit

Thank you for Reading. Sharing is Caring.

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